Gynoraj Syrup is works as female tonic that supports the needs of women for restoring normal hormonal function as well as providing relief from various gynecological related issues. Further, as these are purely herbal formulation fulfills the demands of purification of blood as well as general weakness, fatigue and backache. It is especially formulated for women assisting them in reducing abnormal vaginal discharge and beneficial for uterine disorders.

Function of main ingredients
  1. Ashok: Its help to relieves painful dysmenorrheal and swelling. It also improves the strength and stamina in females having menstrual irregularities such as dysmenorrheal and leucorrhea.
  2. Shatawari:It is useful in reducing PMS symptoms like cramps, pain, bloating and excessive bleeding. It is helpful in relieving post menopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  3. Lodhra: It is highly beneficial in relieving gynecological conditions like excessive menstrual flow and leucorrhea.
  4. Baheda:It is anti-bacterial in nature and used to fight against various infections.
  5. Nagkesar:It is used in the treatment of menorrhagia
  6. Shalmali: It relieves gonorrhea and other infections related with the genital organs of the body. It to effectively relieve sores and wounds.
  7. Sonth: It improves digestion and helps to relieve abdominal colic pain.
  8. Harad: It is anti-inflammatory and astrigent in nature and it is also helpful in urinary tract infections.
  9. Gokhru:It promotes the flow of urine, cools and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract.
  10. Ashwagandha: It is packed with the anti oxidant properties which help to boosts the immune system. It combats against the various allergies. Hence develop strength and stamina in body.
  11. Amla: : It is very effective in various bleeding disorders and protect from various viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Distinguished uterine tonic
  • Helps to stimulates & tones uterine musculature
  • Relieves uterine cramps & low back pain and helps to enhance body strength
  • Helps to treat menstrual disorder low backache
  • Relief in dysmenstrual tension and pelvic inflammatory disorder
  • Regulates normal menstrual cycle & corrects excessive bleeding.


2 Tea spoon twice a day, one hour before/after meal or as directed by the physician


220ml bottle

Silent features

Other ingredients also used as supported medicine for relieving gynecological conditions.