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At the honset, we sincerely extend our warmest greeting to you & feel pleasure to introduce RAJ HERBALS the journey started in 1997 with lots of dreams & commitments of one man to provide “World class medicine for humanity” It is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in development, manufacture and marketing of quality finished dosages in domestic and international markets. Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at RAJ HERBALS are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our aim is to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

  • We focus on commercializing unique generic products and pioneering synergistic combination products in the therapeutic areas of anti-malarial, Cardiovascular, dermatology, male erectile dysfunction, musculoskeletal, and ophthalmology. With primary focus on new product innovation and introduction, we have been consistently identifying unmet medical needs and introducing many first-to-market products to cater to those needs. Our products provide patient compliance and convenience over existing therapeutic options. Gaining first mover advantage, many of our brands hold leadership positions in their respective sub- therapeutic segments. Also Read

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Serve Global Healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation and Technology. We believe that to ensure sustained growth, we need to clearly understand our customer’s needs and use cutting edge technology to present innovative solutions.

We believe in the art of first creating opportunities and then optimizing them to the fullest. In this manner, we identify the unmet medical needs across therapies in different markets and capitalize on them to optimum levels ahead of competition.

Our products are thoroughly tested in our own facilities and at the world’s leading tyre test centres. In addition, our engineers test our tyres with our national and world-class champions.


  • Absolute honesty
  • Fairness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Non dogmatic spirituality
  • Getting more done by doing less work smart
  • Calling forth the best of ourselves & others
  • Being open to change
  • Having a special sense of humor
  • Having a keen distant vision & up close focus
  • Having self discipline
  • Keeping balance

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