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RHPL’S Lucoter Capsule is an herbal remedies which is very useful in the treatment of leucorrhoea and suitable for all kinds of female problems. Lucoter capsule “Brings back the joys of womanhood”.

Function of main ingredients
  1. Ashwagandha: It is packed with the anti oxidant properties which help to boosts the immune system. It combats against the various allergies. Hence develop strength and stamina in body.
  2. Vidhara:In the urinary tract it provides soothing effect by eliminating the dryness in the urinary tract and by subsiding the inflammatory conditions of the system.
  3. SHATAWARI: herb is useful in reducing PMS symptoms like cramps, pain, bloating and excessive bleeding. It is helpful in relieving post menopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  4. Talmakhana: It is useful in ailments of the urinogenital tract.
  5. Lodhra: The extracts bark is highly beneficial in relieving gynecological conditions like excessive menstrual flow and leucorrhea.

  • Helps in Treatment of leucorrhoea of any aetiology
  • Helps in Neutralization of vaginal pH
  • Provides vital valvo- vaginal support
  • It effectively manages predominant Anxiety /low back pain and gene• Helps to REGULARISE the normal functioning of the female reproductive system
  • Helps to regularise the normal functioning of the female reproductive system.


1-2 capsule twice or thrice in a day, or as directed by the physician


1x10 capsule strip


For better results capsule and syrup be taken together after consultation with Doctor.