Cough and cold is the most common problem for all the ages. Lots of cough syrup available in market comes with lot of side effects whereas COUGHRAJ SYRUP is non alcoholic, non sedative, non constipating and suitable for whole family. It is developed and manufactured by Raj Herbals Pvt. Ltd. through long R&D. It is a versatile combination of herbs having various different properties to tackle cough and other symptom of respiratory distress. It is an ideal combination to be used in dry and irritating cough as well as cough with expectoration. It also helps to relief from cough and cold without any side effect and clears drowsiness and congestion and safe used for pediatric.

Function of main ingredients

  • Yasthimadhu: It is excellent remedy for throat disorders, good expectorant, expels phlegm from lungs and heals respiratory diseases.
  • Adusa:It is a powerful herbs used in treating chronic respiratory tract infections and useful in cold and cough.
  • Kantakari:It is used for treating cough and helps to open the physical bronchial channels.
  • Sonth:It helps to care a common cold and cough. It also helps reduce the phlegm produced.
  • Tulsi: It supports immunity of the lungs and the blood tissue. It also supports the intelligent functioning of the channels.
  • Anantmool:It aromatic root that opens channels and removes toxic mucous molecules.
  • Talishpatra: It is useful in treatment of chronic respiratory disorders and cough and cold.
  • Lavang It is an effective herb to resolve the respiratory disorders like cough, sinusitis, cold, sore throat, bronchitis, whooping cough.


  • Useful in respiratory disorders
  • Relief from cough & cold
  • Facilitates expulsion of sputum
  • Useful in sore throat and reduces distressing cough symptoms


  • For Children:1 to 2 Tea spoon twice a day,
    For Adult: 2 to 3 Tea spoon thrice a day or as directed by the physician


  • 100ml bottle

Silent Features

  • Other ingredients also powerful herbs are used for supported cough & cold and other respiratory disorders.

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